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Frequently Asked Questions for Selling a House

If you have any questions about selling your house to HomeSolvers, you'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you have additonal questions simply fill out the form above, contact us or just give us a call at 612-470-4755.

Q: Who is HomeSolvers?

A: HomeSolvers is a local Minneapolis/St Paul company that sincerely cares about each and every person and the communities in which they do business. HomeSolvers is division of General Real Estate Investments (GREI) and their affiliate companies and partners have successfully bought and sold hundreds of houses all across the Minneapolis/St Paul metro and pride themselves in being “Minnesota’s #1 Preferred House Buyers” for experienced, trustworthy and results oriented solutions. With an ‘A Rating' with the Better Business Bureau, you can be confident that HomeSolvers will help you with the most positive solutions to help you sell your house.

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Q: What are others saying about their experience with HomeSolvers?

A: Please review our testimonialspage to hear from just a few of the many people HomeSolvers has helped with selling their house.

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Q: Am I charged a fee for HomeSolvers to make an offer for my house?

A: Simply put – NO WAY! After you fill out the online form above, a local professional from HomeSolvers will contact you for a brief discussion on what you are looking to accomplish and then set a time convenient for you to visit you at your house and carefully explain the entire process from A-Z. From there, HomeSolvers will make an offer to purchase your house with absolutely no cost or obligation to you!

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Q: If I submit the form containing information about the house I want to sell, am I obligated to sell to HomeSolvers?

A: Again, Simply Put – NO WAY! After you fill out the online form above and receive an offer to purchase from HomeSolvers, you are in no way shape or form obligated to sell to Home Solvers. If HomeSolvers offer works well for you, then fantastic they will move swiftly and efficiently to closing. In the event the offer does not work, no harm-no foul, HomeSolvers will sincerely wish you the best in searching out other alternatives!

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Q: Who usually sells their houses to HomeSolvers?

A: Individuals all over Minnesota have made the sound decision to sell their house to HomeSolvers. Some of the reasons that lead them to sell to HomeSolvers include, but are not limited to:

  • Foreclosure Avoidance
  • Property Inheritance
  • Divorce
  • New marriage resulting in 2 homes
  • Job Transfers
  • Downsizing
  • Retiring
  • Costly Repair and Remodel Work
  • Behind on Payment
  • Unloading Rental Property
  • Lack of Time or money to spend on Investment Property
  • Liquidation of Assets
  • And many more reasons

In short, there are many different reasons and circumstances that people have in wanting to sell their house to HomeSolvers. However, what all of these sellers have in common is a strong desire to sell their house quickly and simply to a company that they enjoy working with and know they can trust!

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Q: What does it mean when HomeSolvers says “We Buy Houses in Any Condition and Any Price Range?

A: Home Solvers professionals have the experience, knowledge and capacity to purchase any house covering all price ranges and condition. Just as there are many different types of house, there are equally as many reasons that someone wants to sell their house quickly and HomeSolvers and their team of trusted professionals are on standby to support all seller’s needs! Often times a house may be in a state of disrepair and the owner simply wants to move on and not be bothered with the troublesome details any longer. HomeSolvers also works with owners that have a house that might not simply be in disrepair, but have many other motivating factors to sell quickly to a trusted house buyer. Some of these may include, but are not limited to moving on from memories of a lost one or divorce, having a mortgage that carries a high interest rate/payment, having a mortgage balance that is more than what the house is worth, facing foreclosure and needs a way out-fast, relocation, needing a bigger or smaller house, etc, etc, etc!

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Q: How long does it usually take to sell my house to HomeSolvers?

A: HomeSolvers works very hard to move at the speed the seller wants to move. Generally it takes a few weeks to complete the sale of the property but if seller wants to sell fast, HomeSolvers can literally buy the house in just days from the seller’s initial contact. On the other hand, often times a seller may need a few weeks/months to make all arrangements, in which case HomeSolvers will accommodate each individual’s needs to ensure the process is as stress and worry free as possible.

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Q: Tell me about the process with HomeSolvers?

A: Simply fill out the "Sell Your House Fast" form above and a local professional from HomeSolvers will contact you promptly to learn more about the house and your specific goals. From there HomeSolvers will set a time to meet with you at the house, make you and offer to purchase and explain the entire process from A-Z and answer any and all questions you may have.

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Q: Does HomeSolvers pay market value?

A: HomeSolvers generally buys houses at a discount that is proportional to the cost of repairs and selling costs to bring the house to a retail sale condition set by current market conditions. HomeSolvers does intend to buy and resell all properties they purchase for a profit. However, when working with HomeSolvers to sell your house they can offer many conveniences to sellers, including, but not limited to:

  • Fast, generally ALL-CASH closings
  • Generally pay ALL closing costs and commissions saving sellers 1000's of dollars
  • Purchase properties AS IS, so there are no repair costs, delays or additional buyer negotiations
  • Quick closings that will likely avoid falling victim to today’s challenging mortgage markets
  • Fair, honest and ethical transactions
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Q: How does HomeSolvers come up with the price they will offer for my house?

A: A member of the Home Solvers team will run an extremely thorough analysis covering many different factors to set the price they can pay for the house. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The current condition of the house
  • The cost to cover all expenses to bring the house to a condition to sell to a retail buyer
  • The time frame and over all scope of work to get the property to a retail sale condition
  • The expected retail sale value based on a thorough analysis of recent comparable sales in the area
  • Factoring selling costs such as real estate commissions and sellers closing costs expected at the time of re-sale of the property
  • Factoring holding cost such as taxes, insurance, property maintenance, loan payments, etc while the house is being renovated
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Q: What type of house does HomeSolvers Buy?

A: HomeSolvers buys any type of Single and Multi-Family house. There is no single family house other than a mobile home that HomeSolvers won’t buy!

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Q: What does it mean when HomeSolvers says they “To leave all clients in a better situation than they were before engaging HomeSolvers”?

A: You will find this philosophy at the core of each member of HomeSolvers. For those that do business with HomeSolvers they will experience unparalleled service and results starting with their initial conversation with HomeSolvers all the way through closing. However, HomeSolvers knows that they can’t help or offer a solution to everyone they come in contact with. BUT, what they also know is that through their experience and absolute commitment to service, they can treat each person they come in contact with the utmost care and respect and they will stop at no end to offer additional suggestions and/or recommendations that a client may not have considered before engaging with HomeSolvers. Simply put, HomeSolvers goal is to leave all with whom they come in contact with better than when they found them!

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